Our On-Site Surveys and Investigations Provide:


1. Remote Appraisal Service:

Are you considering moving to a property that might be compromised by a nearby sub-station, electricity pylon or mobile phone mast?

We assess risks to households and businesses from vulnerabilities to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and have been providing on-site and remote services for clients throughout Britain since 2006. With our Remote Appraisal Service we provide professional EMR assessments anywhere in the UK in a fraction of the time it used to take. Our innovative service provides the answers property-buyers and householders need - usually within a day or so.

Prices start at £159.00, paid by bank-transfer or cheque if you prefer.

2. Internal & External On-Site EMR Investigations:

We provide a complete assessment of electromagnetic sources along with investigation and measurement of types of EMR emissions within and around a property. We explain the significance of what we find and our comprehensive yet easy-to-read confidential reports contain recommendations intended to safeguard occupants. We generally expect to spend around 4 hours on site to adequately assess a normal 3 bedroom house. We also consider such items as masts, pylons, underground cables, domestic appliances, lighting and other less-obvious - though often nearby - sources of EMR. Our On-Site investigations includes a Remote Appraisal which we carry out before coming to site.

3. External On-Site EMR Surveys:

We provide a detailed report on sources, types and levels of electromagnetic radiation both surrounding the property and within the locality. With property-specific advice, an Electric Forester external on-site survey includes a remote appraisal which we carry out before coming to site. An External Survey may be more suited to situations where internal access to a property is not possible.

Measurements and our recommendations are carefully considered and entirely confidential. All our clients benefit from 3 months Free & Unlimited experienced investigator follow-up support.

Please call: 01223 911893 to learn more

or Email: moreinfo@electricforester.co.uk