Are you concerned about a pylon, substation or mobile mast nearby? We are able to provide detailed property-specific advice within a day or so and on-site surveys weekdays, weekends, anti-social hours and bank holidays, at no extra charge.

Non-elective EMF exposure can be reduced by avoidance, shielding and other mitigation strategies.


Elective EMF exposure can often be significantly reduced, easily, quickly and at zero cost when you understand the dynamics of your exposure.

Roger Moller-Principal Surveyor

Roger H Moller BSc.Ind.Eng.

Principal Surveyor 

Electric Forester Investigations Ltd.

Independent Home & Business EMF / EMR Surveys Since 2006:

Are you looking for relief from; disturbed sleep, tinnitus, headaches, migraines, tremors, sudden eye pain, lingering vision problems, burning skin, numbness in extremities, chest pains, heart irregularities, confusion, memory loss, giddiness, anxiety, gastro-intestinal distress, acid reflux or other symptoms of electromagnetic radiation poisoning?

Global levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR / EMFs) in homes, transport, places of work and in fact, everywhere, are increasingly acknowledged as being detrimental to health and well-being. EMR is now classified by the World Health Organisation - WHO, as a Class 2B carcinogen. There is mounting pressure for it to be reclassified Class 1.

Wireless, cordless and Wi-Fi devices constantly emit electromagnetic (radio frequency) radiation that contributes to levels of man-made electromagnetic radiation now in our environment. These emissions can disrupt the tiny electrical impulses that control our bodies and the cells of which living things are made.

EMFs are a by-product of electricity use; Mobile and cordless phones, their base stations, TV and radio transmitters, substations and many other devices rely on EMF's for their operation and add to ambient electrosmog levels. Whenever wireless devices are in operation, everything in the broadcast area receives a portion of the signal. Household appliances also add to EMR exposure; such devices as cookers, washing machines and central heating systems produce magnetic fields over considerable distances. Wherever electricity is transported or used electromagnetic pollution spills into the surrounding area.

If standard medical investigations have drawn a blank, could unidentified electromagnetic sensitivity or radiation poisoning be contributing to a lack of well-being?

Electric Forester Investigations Ltd. was formed in 2006 and became one of the first independent companies in the UK specialising in commercial and domestic electromagnetic surveys at the sorts of low levels now recognised as being harmful over time. Through remote appraisals and on-site investigations, Electric Forester provides detailed property-specific assessments designed to improve the safety of living and working environments.

Clients across the UK are helped to deal with EMF's and are guided in the selection of cost-effective mitigation measures for all types of EMR.


European Parliament - Council of Europe Resolution #1815, May 2011  

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